‘Tenet’ Grosses $20.2 Million Domestic, but Warners Says There’s ‘No Context’

Tenet” will gross $20.2 million domestic through Labor Day, per Warner Bros.

That number does not represent only the weekend; it reflects the entire engagement, including 13 days in Canada and eight days in the U.S.In a statement to the press, the studio asks that reaction be placed in this light:Domestically, while our results show positive like-for-like theater indicators compared to previous films such as “Dunkirk,” there is literally no context in which to compare the results of a film opening during a pandemic with any other circumstance.

We are in unprecedented territory, so any comparisons to the pre-covid world would be inequitable and baseless.Operation Christopher Nolan to the Rescue achieved its most important goal.

It played in 2,810 theaters in the U.S.

and Canada.

Without specific daily or weekly numbers, and adding Labor Day, we are left to speculate what this means.Warners also revealed new international numbers,

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