‘Tenet’ Will Have Sneak Previews in the U.S., Starting August 31

Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” will show in some locations beginning Monday, August 31 for three nights, according to a report in the Chicago Tribune and another source, in advance of its September 3 release.

The article also confirmed that Chicago’s Music Box Theater will play the film in 70mm for its engagement.

That theater was one of just five in North America to show “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood” in 70mm.The August 31 debut would mean that some U.S.

audiences could start seeing the film a few days after its initial international release date of Wednesday, August 26.

Warner Bros.

did not respond to calls seeking comment.

While Nolan has made clear his preference for large-format screens such as 70mm and IMAX, Warners would face a challenging sneaks environment even without format restrictions.Multiple major areas are not yet cleared for theater reopenings, including much of New York state, California,

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