‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Review: Been There, Sawed That

I’m all for bad horror movies having short running times.

(It lessens the pain.) And there are classics of horror cinema that are notably compact, like “Frankenstein” (1931), with its twisty tumultuous plot that lasts 71 minutes, or the original 1974 version of “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre,” which achieved its slow-burn descent into the abyss in just 83 minutes.But the new, garishly crude, bluntly overlit, what-you-saw-is-what-you-get “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” which in case you’re counting is the eighth “Chainsaw” movie since the original, manages to carve out the scanty running time of 82 minutes only because there isn’t much to it.

It’s set in the present day, 50 years after the original, which means that Leatherface must be pushing 70, but it would be generous to call the film a continuation of the “Chainsaw” saga.

It’s more like a blood-soaked but unscary footnote.A group of Gen-z entrepreneurs — snowflake “idealists” from Austin,

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