Texas Chainsaw Massacre review – it’s Leatherface vs gentrifiers in nasty sequel

An effectively gnarly Netflix follow-up to the 1974 original has Gen Zs trying to turf the bloodthirsty southern killer out of a derelict townThe return of Leatherface, the Ed Gein-inspired mass murderer who’s never happier than when he’s chainsawing nubile youngsters in half, might not be much of a return for hardcore horror fans but in Netflix’s new franchise restarter, he’s back with a particularly modern brand of vengeance.

Following in the sluggish footsteps of Michael Myers, who stabbed his way back to relevance in 2018 after we were insisted upon to ignore the mostly heinous Halloween sequels (H20 remains an underrated bright spot) and allow for a clean slate, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series is going down a similar retcon route.Rather than expecting us to have endured the three direct sequels, the remake, the prequel to that remake and the 3D sequel to the

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