The 10 Best Movie and TV Trailers of 2020

What makes a great movie or television series trailer? It’s less about conveying the plot and more about selling the overall atmosphere of what it will feel like to watch the entire project.

The best trailers bottle up the energy of an entire show or feature-length movie and unleash that same energy in under three minutes without losing any edge.

These 10 trailers below did that the best in 2020.“Killing Eve” Season 3 Official TrailerA perfect example of a trailer that is more tantalizing than the resulting show, the sneak peek at “Killing Eve’s” third season even cleverly obscures the fact that one of the heavily featured characters (spoiler!) dies in the first episode.

Get excited by Villanelle’s fashion choices and deeply weirded out by her homicidal clown, because it’s pretty much all diminishing returns from there.“Perry Mason” Official TrailerWait, wait, wait, Matthew Rhys scruffily

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