The 13 Scariest Movies About the Internet, from ‘Not Okay’ to ‘Searching’

Board up the haunted houses and keep your creepy woods: In the modern age, there’s simply no place more terrifying than the internet.Since even before the days of the Sandra Bullock-starring “The Net” from 1995, cyberspace has provided a compelling backdrop to countless horror, thriller, and suspense films.

Some are rooted in science fiction, while others employ the supernatural.

The eerie expanse of the web provides for it all and is made infinitely more interesting by the spooky implications of an unseen world that millions of users don’t actually understand.Found footage flicks are among some of the first scary internet movies to come to mind, with cheeky titles like “Unfriended,” “Followers,” and even “#Horror” bringing a knowing goofiness to the conceit of computer screen films.

“Searching” and “Host” garnered newfound appreciation for the format, integrating smart authenticity into their design and direction.

Meanwhile, movies like “Spree

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