The 15 Greatest Outfits In Star Trek: The Next Generation

With its wildly imaginative stories and characters, the landmark sci-fi franchise “Star Trek” features quite a collection of iconic outfits.

From the original series to “Discovery,” it’s nearly impossible for fans to choose which installment has the most fashionable content.

Yet, with its ’80s vibes and inventive aesthetic, “Star Trek: The Next Generation” could easily take that title.

Featuring everything from crazy, colorful sweaters to full-on historical recreations for Holodeck adventures, this series has always been a magnificent display of stylish ensembles.

But that begs the question, which of these examples of galactic attire in “Tng” is the best of the best?Well, that’s the puzzle…The post The 15 Greatest Outfits in Star Trek: The Next Generation appeared first on /Film.

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