The Academy Prepares for the Netflix-Spielberg Showdown, and a $10,000 Streaming App

On April 23, when the Academy holds the next meeting for its Board of Governors, it will confront the future: What about the streamers? The Academy tabled the long-debated question at last month’s meeting, but now it’s expected to determine if Oscar rule changes are needed for Netflix, Apple, Disney+, and other streaming sites.Steven Spielberg, who represents the directors branch, is a firm believer in making a substantial theatrical release an eligibility requirement.

Since 2012, the Academy has demanded a one-week qualifying run in a “commercial theater” to be Oscar eligible; documentaries must be reviewed in New York or L.A.

Spielberg may advocate to make day-and-date releases unacceptable — but the numbers may not be on Spielberg’s side.The 54-member Board of Governors is packed with Netflix-friendly people, from the documentary and craft reps and indie producer Albert Berger to Participant’s David Linde and Christina Kounelias (“Green Book

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