‘The Alienist’ Humbles Its Hero to Tackle Issues of Class, Privilege, and Systemic Oppression

[Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers from “The Alienist” episode “Many Sainted Men.”]Set in 1896, TNT’s “The Alienist” hasn’t just been invested in the central mystery of a serial killer preying on boy prostitutes, but also in exploring how society is on the brink of change during the turn of the century.

Advances in criminal profiling, forensics, and other police work have been the focus as the killer is sought, but plenty of other social issues have been raised as well.Read More:‘The Alienist’ Review: TNT’s Semi-True Detective Story Ain’t for the Squeamish — Or Many Others Copping to CorruptionBefore diving into the issues involving Dr.

Laszlo Kreizler (Daniel Bruhl), we’ll take a small digression that highlights one of the class inequities that are experienced by those who actually are supposed to have some power in the city: the police.

After Connors (David Wilmot) went vigilante and killed off Willem Van Bergen (Josef Altin) last week,

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