‘The Americans’ Review: ‘Mr. and Mrs. Teacup’ Mixes Joy and Pain with Distinct Potency, as an Old Friend Returns

[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “The Americans” Season 6, Episode 4, “Mr.

and Mrs.

Teacup.”]Who thought a montage involving Paige making out and Philip line dancing could be so heartbreaking?Thus is the power of “The Americans,” as showrunners Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg almost simultaneously doled out pleasure and pain in a bone-chilling fourth episode.

Philip (Matthew Rhys) clung to his simple pleasures while he could, retreating to his favorite country bar to kick off his boots with coworkers before snacking on potato chips over a pile of mounting bills.

Paige’s (Holly Taylor) date turned from a fun night out to a professional conflict as she stared at her sleeping beau’s valuable ID badge.

And then there’s Elizabeth (Keri Russell): so close to getting what she needs, only to be left with nothing yet again.She’s tired, and we’re scared.

Much like joy and sorrow are contradictory emotions, each

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