‘The Americans’ Review: Two Sex Scenes Prove Awfully Similar in an All-Around Incredible New Episode

[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “The Americans” Season 6, Episode 5, “The Great Patriotic War.”]Welp, there it is: Philip (Matthew Rhys) is actively working against Elizabeth (Keri Russell).

Not only did the semi-retired agent end the episode by calling off his mission to Greece — purposefully reneging on his promise to Elizabeth — but he also swung by Paige’s apartment to demonstrate the “no pads” life she’s in for if she follows through with her training.

Philip is doing what Oleg (Costa Ronin) asked of him in Episode 1, but he’s also acting on what he thinks is right.

He isn’t sitting idly by anymore; he’s taking action and accepting the consequences.What might those be? It’s hard to say, but it clearly won’t be pretty.

The family of spies has been divided, and it’s hard to see anyone going back to the way things were during “the old days — like,

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