The Batman Looks Like Nolan’s Movies With A Proper Comic Book Makeover

Although “Batman-2022-movie-posters/”>The Batman” was initially planned to be a solo film taking place amid the much larger DC Universe, fans quickly got over any lingering disappointment when that changed (especially with Ben Affleck’s Batman returning in “The Flash“).

Now, enthusiasm for the Matt Reeves-directed, Robert Pattinson-starring iteration of the Bat-obsessed vigilante couldn’t possibly be any higher — especially on the heels of the dramatic new trailer unveiled today during DC FanDome.However, the biggest question that every new “Batman” movie inevitably must deal with is a very simple one: “How?” Multiple generations have enjoyed their own definitive version of the Caped Crusader, from Adam West…The post The Batman Looks Like Nolan’s Movies With a Proper Comic Book Makeover appeared first on /Film.

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