The Batman Trailer Reveals Just How Important A Proper Musical Score Is For A Superhero

The new “The Batman” trailer is here, and folks, it’s pretty damn good.

Matt Reeves seems to be going for something here that blends the “realism” of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy with a more fanciful, comic book vibe, and I dig it.

I dig the look, I dig the cast, I dig Robert Pattinson’s cold-seeming Batman.

And, perhaps most of all, I dig the big, loud, booming bit of score we hear from composer Michael Giacchino.

It’s loud and operatic; it almost sounds like music you’d hear echoing off the high walls of a grand cathedral. And even though it’s only a brief…The post The Batman Trailer Reveals Just How Important a Proper Musical Score is for a Superhero appeared first on /Film.

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