The Batman’s Kurt Cobain Imagery Was There From The Beginning

The first trailer for “The Batman,” which launched at the inaugural DC FanDome event back in 2020, might be the most incredible trailer I’ve ever seen.

At least, the trailer that got me the most excited to see a film.

From the somber-toned needle drop of Nirvana’s “Something In The Way,” you could feel every skeptic be collectively converted.

This was positioned to be a Batman unlike any other, and things only got better from there with a teaser building toward a heart-stopping moment, when the music drops and Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight mercilessly beats a random miscreant into the ground.I must have rewatched that trailer a few dozen times, and even found myself sucked into YouTube’s reaction video community.

Everything about this Batman seemed fresh yet faithful to the character’s essence.

At some point during my endless rewatching, I noticed there was more to the Nirvana

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