‘The Beach House’: Film Review

Being released during an epidemic lends additional if unintended frisson to “The Beach House,” a cryptic yet reasonably involving thriller in which vacationers find themselves under threat.

The nature of that threat remains ambiguous, but in its partially-airborne inescapability, it definitely hits a note of creepy relevance.

Writer-director Jeffrey A.

Brown’s first feature is neither fish nor fowl in terms of fitting snugly into any given genre slot — perhaps it’s .

In any case, it’s skillful enough to satisfy most viewers, if not quite sufficiently original in concept or striking in execution to leave a lasting imprint.

It premieres July 9 on AMC’s streaming imprint Shudder.Young couple Emily (Liana Liberato) and Randall (Noah Le Gros) drive to his family’s beachside Massachusetts summer house in the off-season, so there seems to be no one else in the neighborhood.

As their first priority upon arriving is a shag and a nap,

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