The Best TV Posters of 2019

In the era of peak TV, a network has to take every single advantage it can get in order to stand apart from the crush of shows that are competing for a viewer’s time.

One of those key marketing tactics is a standout poster, and 2019 was a stellar year for eye-catching one sheets.From “Deadwood’s” vaguely profane — ok, fine, it’s totally profane, but let’s not forget the show we’re talking about here — poster announcing its return to HBO as a TV movie, to Netflix’s clever reworking of Natasha Lyonne into a literal Russian Doll, to FX’s “Pose” just killing it again with knockoffs of Vogue covers, it remains a marvel how an entire show can be distilled into a single image.Here, enjoy our picks for the top posters of the year, and to see IndieWire’s collection of the best TV posters from previous years,

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