The Best TV Shows on Each Network, Right Now – April 2018

Now that spring officially has sprung, that means networks have begun unleashing some of their best TV shows in preparation for the awards season cut-off at the end of May.

As viewers, we benefit from this surfeit of superb content, when almost anything at the buffet is worth sampling.But just as we must monitor our food consumption, so must we honor the physical limits of watching television.

There are only so many waking hours that we’re able to pay attention to our screens, and thus far, there isn’t a way to download TV shows directly into our brains (perhaps this idea will be forthcoming in the new season of “Black Mirror”).This is where IndieWire’s team of dedicated TV critics and reporters come in.

Our work days (and night and weekends) are devoted to watching as much TV as possible with a critical eye for quality and entertainment value.

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