‘The Beta Test’ Review: Jim Cummings Rivets as a Hollywood Agent in a Twilight Zone of Temptation

In the late ’90s, when Jim Carrey did his pivot away from rubber-faced anarchy to became a serious actor, the detour didn’t last all that long, but he gave three stupendous performances, and one of the things that made them great is that Carrey, in those roles, seemed to be expressing more of himself than ever.

He didn’t jettison his snappish, ironic, through-a-glass-snarkly comic vibe; rather, he showed you the anguish and romantic fervor on the other side of it.

But imagine, for a moment, that you were watching a Jim Carrey who pushed his private obsessional qualities one step further over the edge — who was still, at times, quite funny, only now his motormouth personality was the sound of an ordinary man slowly and seriously falling apart.Jim Cummings is that actor.

In “The Beta Test,” he plays a Hollywood talent agent who’s like one of

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