The Better Call Saul Finale Was Inspired By A Holiday Classic

For seven years, “Better Call Saul” fans have watched with rapt attention as lawyer and con man Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) transformed into sleazy crime lord Saul Goodman.

The change was more gradual than expected, and more emotional, too.

By the time the series finally fast-forwarded through the years between Jimmy’s breakup with Kim (Rhea Seehorn) and his first encounter with Walter White, we weren’t so much thrilled to see the character’s reverse evolution take place as we were devastated.This is why the show’s beautiful, subtle, thrilling series finale came as such a surprise.

For a while, writer-director Peter Gould let viewers think that Jimmy was gone for good, replaced by the kind of heartless coward who would try to convince a grieving widow he was innocent, only to callously yank the rug out from under her in public for his own gain.

Hell, Jimmy was the person who did that,

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