‘The Boys’: How the Craft Team Turns Impossible Scenarios into Very Bloody Realities

Consider This: Conversations highlight television’s award-worthy productions through panel discussions with the artists themselves.

The above video is in partnership with Amazon Prime Video, produced by IndieWire’s Creative Producer Leonardo Adrian Garcia, and hosted by TV Deputy Editor and Critic Ben Travers.One of the innate challenges to making “The Boys” — Amazon Prime Video’s superhero satire — is making the impossible feel real.“You try to find that grain of reality in everything, and that can be very hard to do,” VFX Supervisor Stephan Fleet said in a panel discussion with IndieWire.

“You could have a sentence that’s like, ‘We want the Boys to crash into this whale, but it needs to look as real as possible’ — or, ‘We want this giant dick monster to wrap around Mother’s Milk’s neck, but it has to feel real.”The combination of absurdity and authenticity is exactly what

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