The Brad Pitt-Sandra Bullock QVC Comedy That Tragically Never Got Made

Just when you think you know everything about one of the most famous celebrities in the world, they always find a way to surprise us.

The Academy Award-winning actor/producer has spent his entire life finding different hobbies and side projects to keep himself occupied when he’s not being a movie star, including winemaking, sculpting, and apparently now, owning his own genderless skincare line.

Brad Pitt has made the decision to let his product speak for itself, instead of turning himself into a spokesmodel in addition to a wellness virtuoso.

During an interview with Vogue UK regarding the new product line, Pitt admitted that he was very close to playing a QVC-type host in a romantic comedy years ago, and would have starred alongside Sandra Bullock had the project moved forward.

The two both made cameo appearances in their respective films “The Lost City” and “Bullet Train,” but surprisingly have never headlined together on screen.

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