‘The Changeling’ Review: Apple’s Chilling Fantasy Horror Series Will Keep You Riveted

Every horror story is already somewhat spoiled.Whether it’s a movie, TV show, book, or short story, the horror classification alone is a tip off to the audience; a warning that despite any good fortune these characters appear to have, their lives are about to take a sharp downward turn.So unfolds the first installment of Apple’s “The Changeling,” based on the 2017 horror novel by Victor Lavalle and adapted for television by Kelly Marcel.

Episode 101 wears the disguise of romantic drama, the story of Apollo Kagwa (Lakeith Stanfield) and Emma Valentine (Clark Backo), a rare bookseller and librarian who fall in love.

There’s even a parallel flashback to Apollo’s mother Lillian (Alexis Louder) and father Brian (Jared Abrahamson).

Packaged with Melina Matsoukas’ direction, Marcell Rev’s cinematography, and Lavalle himself narrating lofty ideas about fate and identity, you could almost forget briefly forget that promised seed…

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