The Climb review – hilarious true-to-life bromance

From love rivalry to career rivalry, the ups and downs of an often toxic male friendship have a winning authenticityI laughed hysterically during the first scene of The Climb, Michael Angelo Covino’s brilliantly original indie bromance.

The setting is France, where two Americans – best friends since childhood – are on a cycling holiday.

Mike (played by Covino) is head-to-toe in Lycra, obnoxiously spouting cycling terminology.

His out-of-shape friend Kyle (co-writer Kyle Marvin), is trailing behind, puffing and panting.

Mike waits for the start of a particularly tough climb to confess he’s been sleeping with Kyle’s fiancee.

Kyle: “You’re like a real-life Judas!” Mike: “On the plus side, that makes you Jesus.” At one point, Kyle gets off his bike and carries it, running up the hill in pursuit of Mike.

Tragedy and slapstick run through the film and it is very funny.

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