‘The Comey Rule’ Review: Showtime’s Limited Series Is Weak Melodrama and a Jarring Monster Movie

More than the eponymous ex-fbi director himself, “The Comey Rule” is about being duped.

Writer and director Billy Ray’s limited series indeed chronicles the most (in)famous moments of James Comey’s tenure at the bureau — from Hillary Clinton’s email debacle to his private dinner with Donald Trump — but it’s more interested in what the man represents than whether he’s heroic.

Here’s a public official, vigilant in his protection of the bureau’s institutional integrity and independence, who nevertheless found himself influencing a presidential election and sharing ice cream with the Commander in Chief.

Watching Comey on Showtime (played by a perfectly cast Jeff Daniels) is like watching the oblivious lead of a horror movie walk into a haunted house, spot a bloody ghost floating through a door, and then follow the ghost further and further into the basement until there’s no hope for escape.

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