‘The Craft: Legacy’ Review: Blah Blumhouse Reboot Is Everything the 1996 Camp Classic Rebelled Against

Nearly a quarter-century has gone by since cult horror classic “The Craft” tapped into a pre-Harry Potter fascination with witches, giving teenage audiences a sense of how empowering it might feel for four young women, persecuted by date-rapey D-bags and openly racist prom queens, to invoke a little black magic in their desire to get even.

That surprise hit was creaky even by 1996 standards, but its Goth grunge attitude was hella edgy by comparison to “Clueless” and other clean-scrubbed YA offerings of the time, and one would hope that a Blumhouse follow-up made in the year 2020 might find a way to feel similarly avant garde.Instead, “Blumhouse’s The Craft: Legacy” comes across as “The Craft: Lite,” a watered-down, PG-13 reboot in which the outsiders are no longer treated as freaks, and their mission amounts to enlightening Neanderthal classmates and other assorted chauvinists about the risks of underestimating young women.

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