The Deep Space Nine Episode Of Star Trek: Lower Decks Is A Love Letter To Trek’s Finest Series

Star Trek: Lower Decks” injects its irreverent comedy with a lot of love for the “Star Trek” franchise, and it’s truly a series made by fans, for fans.

The lower deckers of the California-class U.S.S.

Cerritos are, like us, huge fans of the exploits of the Enterprise, and frequently reference characters and events from the original series and “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Will Riker (Jonathan Frakes) and Deanna Troi (Martina Sirtis) even made cameos, delighting fans of “Next Generation” to no end and making the animated workplace comedy feel even more cemented in the canon of the “Star Trek” universe.

For fans of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” however, there have only been a handful of fun Easter eggs and one-off deep cut jokes to whet fan appetites.

Now, in season 3, the crew of the Cerritos have actually set foot on the promenade and had a drink at Quark’s,

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