‘The Dropout’: Naveen Andrews Was Ready for the Lil Wayne Scene to Play Out Much Differently

Welcome to My Favorite Moment! In a new week-long series IndieWire spoke to the actors behind just a few of our favorite television performances of the year about how the onscreen moment they are most proud of came together.Over the course of the Hulu show “The Dropout,” Naveen Andrews brings the entire emotional spectrum to former Theranos president and COO Sunny Balwani.

Through Balwani’s fraught relationship with future tech world fascination Elizabeth Holmes (Amanda Seyfried), Andrews finds a certain combination of charm, menace, paranoia, anger, pity, and bafflement.All of those are present in the sequence in Episode 5 that takes place at the sunlit Theranos office.

Holmes’ impromptu dance to the Lil Wayne song “How to Love” became one of the memeworthy moments of “The Dropout.” But for all the unexpected oddities of that moment, Andrews is an anchor that keeps that scene from being a goofy curveball

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