The Duffer Brothers Hope ‘Stranger Things’ Will Do For a New Generation What ‘Scream’ Did For Them

Welcome to It’s a Hit! In this series, IndieWire speaks to creators and showrunners behind a few of our favorite Emmy-nominated television programs about the moment they realized their show was breaking big.Despite it having the same opening weekend as their fourth season, “Stranger Things” creators Matt and Ross Duffer saw the success of “Top Gun: Maverick” as a bit of a reflection of their own success.“It obviously did crazy well, and it’s such a throwback movie.

The nostalgia works for the older generation, those of us who grew up with ‘Top Gun,’ but it’s also resonating with everybody.

And the storytelling is so, so traditional Hollywood blockbuster, and it exploded,” explained Matt Duffer during a Zoom with IndieWire.

“It’s not trying to do anything super fancy.

It’s just trying to tell a good simple story.

That’s where I’m like, ‘Okay,

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