The Entire Saw Timeline Explained

When the original “Saw” hit theaters in 2004, the term “torture porn” had not yet been coined.

That phrase, which references excruciating sequences of relentless brutality and gore, would not come into the larger conversation until 2006.

In a New York Magazine piece titled “Now Playing at Your Local Multiplex: Torture Porn,” critic David Edelstein was writing specifically about Eli Roth’s 2006 splatter film “Hostel,” but the torture porn label was soon reapplied to “Saw” and its sequels.

Torture porn soon became synonymous with any sort of grimy, gorilla filmmaking that made you squirm in your seat.But director James Wan never intended “Saw” to fall into that category….The post The Entire Saw Timeline Explained appeared first on /Film.

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