The Fanatic review – John Travolta plumbs the depths in grisly stalker flick

Travolta plays an isolated obsessive who tracks down his movie hero in this nasty drama, directed by former Limp Bizkit frontman Fred DurstThis marks yet another rung down on John Travolta’s ladder of career ignominy after his most recent flops, Gotti and Speed Kills.

It’s a grotesque drama in which Travolta plays a disturbed fan.

It would be risible if it weren’t so offensive, mean-spirited and, frankly, nasty.

Sporting a pudding-bowl haircut, too-small bike helmet and an deploying overdone shuffling gait, Travolta stars as Moose, an isolated obsessive living on the fringes of Los Angeles’ celebrity culture.

At night, he busks for a living on Hollywood Boulevard – in costume as a British bobby (complete with Dick Van Dyke-style mockney accent).

The aim is to get enough scratch to fund his collection of movie memorabilia, a good chunk of which is devoted to his hero, one-time

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