The First Draft Of Transformers Barely Contained Any Actual Transformers

For good or ill, “Transformers” broke new ground in creating photorealistic computer-generated characters and, in turn, splicing them into live-action footage.

It’s hard to imagine “The Avengers” in a world where the Autobots and Decepticons don’t battle it out in the so-called Mission City.

However, working in uncharted waters always leads to challenges in conceptualization.”Transformers” screenwriter Roberto Orci spoke to IGN after the movie’s release.

It was “very hard” for him and co-writer Alex Kurtzman to merge the human and robot stories.

I can understand their caution; before writing any scenes with the robots, they probably had to consider if the animators would even be able to pull them off.

Accordingly, the first draft didn’t have many Transformers at all; producer Steven Spielberg pitched the story as “a boy and his car,” so that’s what Orci and Kurtzman initially wrote.”The first draft was almost exclusively just Shia [LeBeouf] and…

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