‘The Flash’ Teases Michael Keaton’s Return as Batman: ‘You Wanna Get Nuts?’

Though the visual effects are still in development, Warner Bros.’ showed attendees at CinemaCon a first look at “The Flash,” which will come out next summer.

And yes, Michael Keaton is back as Batman.The work-in-progress trailer shows Barry Allen working on a mysterious experiment that could open up the DC multiverse.

Inspired by the landmark comic “Flashpoint,” the film will see The Flash travel across various multiverses, encountering other versions of himself as well as a version of Supergirl from an alternate timeline.And after showing an assembly of Batsuits from various past “Batman” films, Michael Keaton himself showed up as Bruce Wayne in a full Batsuit and some de-aging CGI.

“You wanna get nuts?” he asks The Flash.

“Okay, let’s get nuts.”Unfortunately, it may be some time before the trailer is released to the public as Warner Bros., along with other Hollywood studios, are facing a

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