The Funniest Fan Theory The Coen Brothers Have Ever Heard

The Coen Brothers are often cagey about the meaning of their films, and in the case of “Barton Fink” — their uncategorizable 1991 film starring John Turturro and John Goodman — perhaps there is no grand unifying message to it.

That hasn’t stopped critics and academics from analyzing the movie to death, and there are now long Wikipedia sections about its symbolism and themes.While the Coens may be a national treasure, U.S.

critics aren’t the only ones who have spent time analyzing “Barton Fink” and developing pet theories about it.

The press tour for the Coens’ 2016 comedy, “Hail, Caesar!” came 25 years after “Barton Fink,” and…The post The Funniest Fan Theory the Coen Brothers Have Ever Heard appeared first on /Film.

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