The future of film: can cinema survive Covid-19?

Film fans flocked online during lockdown.

As restrictions ease, what’s happening to revive cinema-going and restart shoots? Our critic heads to the cinema to find outIt’s Saturday lunchtime and I am watching Sonic the Hedgehog in a cinema.

It’s fair to say that it wouldn’t have been my first choice of film to break my four-month cinema fast.

But the nine-year-old got to pick and he reasoned that, since I missed it when it was first released, I absolutely must want to catch up with it now.What’s remarkable is how reassuringly ordinary the whole experience is.

Online booking automatically enforces social distancing around your chosen seats.

Not that that’s an issue with our screening – there are only six other people here.

There’s a plexiglass screen between the box office and the punters, a roped-off one-way system, staggered start times and wall-mounted hand-sanitisers.

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