‘The Ghost of Peter Sellers’: Film Review

Call me a heretic, but I’m someone who never gloried all that much in the comedic awesomeness of Peter Sellers.

Well, okay, I did in “Dr.

Strangelove” — who would deny the delectable punch of that virtuoso hat trick of performances? But the “Pink Panther” films were always a hit-or-miss mélange of the funny and the slapdash corny, and there’s an underlying zaniness to the Sellers mystique that to me, at least, doesn’t age that well.

I make a point of this because there’s a kind of cult for the idea that Peter Sellers was a mad genius: the guy who had no self and only came into being when he played a character, the Swinging Sixties devil who stole movies right out from under their creators.

That cult is at the center of “The Ghost of Peter Sellers,” a documentary about the making of one of

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