The Heiresses review – late love and secret passion

The relationship between two wealthy older women is threatened when one of them is jailed and the other begins an unexpected flirtationWe’ve all seen films about old people who experience a poignant and bittersweet late-life flowering.

But not that many about a well-off, elderly lady in Paraguay whose love life starts to come into its own only after her gay lover is sent to jail.

This excellent debut movie from writer-director Marcelo Martinessi, an award-winner at this year’s Berlin film festival, is a secret love story set among the complacent wealthy gerontocracy of the nation’s capital, Asunción.

It reminded weirdly me of Hollywood movies such as Driving Miss Daisy or Harold and Maude or The Trip to Bountiful, but with its own singular flavour.

There is also a little bit of Dickens in the sharp social satire, the chattery world of card-playing and the chaos of the debtors’ prison.

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