The Insane Way Jon Favreau Directed ‘The Lion King’ on a Virtual Reality Set

Jon Favreau’s upcoming “The Lion King” is technically an animated feature, but that’s not how the director approached the film when it came to filmmaking.

In order to be able to shoot his remake of Disney’s 1994 animated classic, Favreau wanted to have the same freedom a director would have on a live-action set in terms of mobility and camera movements.

How did the director achieve that? The process was detailed in a recent “Lion King” preview from Entertainment Weekly, and suffice to say it sounds absolutely bonkers.The set of “The Lion King” was essentially a virtual reality world that put Favreau and his crew on location.

To access the set the crew wore virtual reality headgear, which brought them into whatever location and scene the production was shooting that day, be it Pride Rock, elephant graveyards, or the African savannah.

Each “set” was a 360 degree virtual reality space,

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