‘The Invisible Man’ Director Refused to Let Blumhouse Spoil His Film Even More in Trailers

The biggest complaint against movie trailers is they give the entire plot of their respective films away, ruining all the surprises a director has in store for moviegoers.

Such was the case for Blumhouse and Universal’s upcoming horror release “The Invisible Man,” starring Elisabeth Moss and directed by “Upgrade” filmmaker Leigh Whannell.

Universal dropped the movie’s official trailer February 7, and it gave so much of the film’s plot away that many horror fans were left thinking the entire film had been spoiled (trailer posts warned viewers not to watch it and complained the film’s whole plot had been given away).

The trailer started filling in the background of the title character and included one moment where the invisible man appeared visible.

So much seemed to be revealed in “The Invisible Man” trailer that film writer Britt Hayes compared it to a “Cliff’s Notes version of a movie.

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