‘The Invisible Man’ Stalks Its Way to $26 Million Opening

Universal/Blumhouse’s “The Invisible Man” is meeting box office expectations, breaking a small slump for horror films at the box office by grossing $9.8 million at the Friday box office from 3,610 screens.

With this start, Leigh Whannell’s modernized spin on the H.G.

Wells novel is headed for a $26 million opening weekend.While it’s not one of the biggest opening weekends for a Blumhouse film, “The Invisible Man” is set to bring a much bigger return on investment for Universal than their last attempt to revive one of their classic horror IP.

2017’s “The Mummy,” which was supposed to be the start of the doomed Dark Universe series, had a larger opening weekend with $31 million, but also had a far larger budget at $125 million and took 80% of its $409 million gross from outside the U.S.Also Read: ‘Invisible Man’ Director on How He Crafted the Horror Reboot

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