‘The Kominsky Method’ Review: Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin’s Netflix Comedy Is a Blocked Meditation on Urination

Michael Douglas has to pee.

For more than half the first season of “The Kominsky Method,” the aging acting teacher Stanley Kominsky talks about his prostate, talks to his penis, and repeatedly excuses himself to go to the bathroom — so often, in fact, his friends and family start keeping count of how many times he goes in a day.

Stanley is frustrated by how often he has to relieve himself, as well as the fitful flow he produces once he finds a toilet, bush, or pool to pee in, but not nearly as frustrating as it is to watch him complain.Stanley is as blocked emotionally as he is physically, but he nor “The Kominsky Method” can see beyond his dribbling pecker.

Intended to be an honest examination of aging from the perspective of three men going through it — Douglas, Alan Arkin, and Chuck Lorre, much like the team of Jane Fonda,

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