‘The Last Days of American Crime’ Review: Olivier Megaton’s Netflix Heist Movie Is So Bad It Should Be Illegal

It’s hard to imagine that the definitive studio movie about Trump-era authoritarianism would come from the guy behind “Taken 2” and “Taken 3,” but that sure didn’t stop him from trying.

Of course, you should never doubt the delusional self-confidence of a man who changed his last name to “Megaton,” just as you should never put your faith in a filmmaker who’s basically the Mr.

Brainwash to Luc Besson’s Banksy.Here’s the thing about “The Last Days of American Crime” — you don’t have time for this shit.

None of us do.

And that’s not just because Olivier Megaton’s agonizingly dull Netflix feature is 149 minutes long (a crime unto itself).

While there’s never really a good moment to introduce a bad movie into the world, .

We’re all for escapism where you can get it — this critic has streamed an ungodly amount

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