The Last Of Us Is Giving Linda Ronstadt A Stranger Things-Style Soundtrack Boost

It’s quickly becoming apparent that the best way to pump up the numbers on a classic song is to make the song in question an integral part to a hit show.

Stranger Things” is responsible for the kids of today knowing Metallica and Kate Bush, and that was just from one season! “Master of Puppets” and “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” went absolutely bonkers on streaming music apps. Spotify said that streams of the Kate Bush song jumped up 9,000 percent overnight and the song ended up in the Billboard Top 10, a feat Bush didn’t achieve even when the song was originally released.And Metallica has seen “Master of Puppets” find a whole new crowd (to the point where there’s even an emote using the song in the popular tween video game “Fortnite”).

To their credit, the band has embraced these new fans, even paying tribute to fan-favorite Eddie Munson on TikTok.

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