‘The Lighthouse’: Most Screenwriters Work to Music, Robert Eggers Listened to Violent Storms

Robert Eggers was in his third year of trying to get “The Witch” made when his brother Max told him he was working on a ghost story.“I was very envious of that idea,” said Eggers when he was a guest on IndieWire’s Filmmaker Toolkit podcast.

“It was a contemporary story about a guy repairing a haunted lighthouse with his dog.

A couple months later, I asked him how that was going, he said, ‘Sucks.’ So I asked if I can take a crack at the concept, which I then immediately turned into a period movie.”Like “The Witch,” making a period film intrigued Eggers for the visuals as well as for the lure of forensic research.

By digging into the lives of men who were lighthouse caretakers over a hundred years ago, he found a constant flow of inspiration.“I don’t get a lot of writer’s block,

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