The Lodge review – dread-filled chiller with a devastating twist

The makers of Goodnight Mommy have crafted a deviously plotted English-language follow-up about an uncomfortable family dynamic put to the testThere’s so, so much in writer-director pair Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala’s oppressive chiller The Lodge that recalls Ari Aster’s breakout hit Hereditary that one would be forgiven for initially thinking it was crafted in its shadow.

Because it’s not just the shared themes of grief, mental health and familial tension and it’s not just the directorial decision to prioritise an almost suffocating atmosphere of dread over jump scares but there are smaller, more specific elements that are also uncannily similar, giving us an eerie feeling that we’re somehow stuck in the same joyless cinematic universe.Related: His House review – effective haunted house horror with timely spin

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