The Mad Men Season 5 Moment That Made Elizabeth Moss Cry Wasn’t Even In The Script

Although Peggy Olsen starts off “Mad Men” as Don Draper’s quiet new secretary, by season 5 she has risen up the copywriting ranks and become Don’s confident right-hand man.

There’s just one problem with Peggy’s rise up the corporate ladder: Technically, she owes a ton of her success to Don, and Don’s kind of a jerk.

By the end of season 5, the characters have long since lost their post-“The Suitcase” groove, with Don taking Peggy for granted and Peggy growing increasingly frustrated.

The last straw is at the beginning of “The Other Woman,” where Don dismissively throws a bunch of money at her, in front of her co-workers no less.Although Peggy was surely already considering jumping ship, it’s here where she knows for certain she needs to get away.

It’s not just that she needs a less toxic work environment, but she needs to prove that she doesn’t require Don to succeed.

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