The Makeup Process Behind Carey Mulligan’s Transformation for ‘Promising Young Woman’

As soon as Makeup Head Angie Wells received Emerald Fennell’s script for “Promising Young Woman,” she had notes to make.

She noticed the different personas that Carey Mulligan’s Cassie goes through, especially when “she’s doing her hits; it wasn’t soft and pretty.”Fennell’s film follows Cassie, who by day works in a coffee shop, and by night turns into avenging angel as she seeks revenge on the men who have caused her best friend unimaginable pain.Wells broke down her process behind crafting the looks for Cassie, and reveals she gave the looks nicknames.

“When she’s in the bar with a mini dress and her hair is pulled up into a ponytail, that’s the ‘Homemade Kardashian’ look.” She adds, “I wanted to make it sexual and inviting, but make it look like she did it herself.”The last thing Wells wanted to do

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