‘The Marijuana Conspiracy’ Review: Research Study Amounts to a Case of Reefer Sadness

For moviegoers accustomed to stoner-dude protagonists, “The Marijuana Conspiracy” offers a nice change.

The Canadian drama, set in 1972, is full of Mary Janes.

Okay, really just one Mary and one Jane.

But they’re joined by other young women who answer a call to participate in a research project.

For 98 days, Mary, Janice, Jane, Mourinda and Marissa will be able — more like required — to smoke dope.

And they get to imbibe without fear of the fuzz.Writer-director Craig Pryce adapted the true story of research the Addiction Research Foundation undertook when Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau began considering the decriminalization of recreational cannabis.

(Hint: They were not for it.) It was dubbed “Project Marijuana,” but Pryce has renamed it the friskier sounding “Project Venus.”“The Marijuana Project,” available on demand 4/20 (wink wink), is a mildly buzzy hybrid that swings from serious to light and back again.

If the category is dope movies,

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