‘The Matrix’ Trilogy, ‘Jurassic Park’ Among Popular Films Leaving Peacock Soon

If you want to jack in to “The Matrix” trilogy, adventure with the denizens of “Shrek,” or set course for the first three “Jurassic Park” films, do it soon: Said films will be leaving Peacock at the end of the month.IndieWire has confirmed that those specific features, among others, will be taken off of the new streaming service.

Other films that will be removed at the end of July include “The Blair Witch Project,” “Children of Men,” and “The Mummy.” Two films — “Fast & Furious” and “Evan Almighty” — are already gone.

The latter was removed from Peacock on July 15, the same day the streaming service launched nationally.

The films are expected to return to Peacock at some point but a specific time frame is not available.While the departure of the aforementioned films may disappoint Peacock subscribers, Peacock is hardly the only streaming service to remove popular films from its library,

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