The Mediapro Studio Links with Disney, David Simon, Mike Leigh For New Projects

Madrid-based The Mediapro Studio (Tms), one of Europe’s biggest independent film and TV players, had a smashing 2019 with the release of 126 titles.

And then the pandemic struck, forcing the company to shut down 56 shows.

Months later, the Spanish outfit is slowly getting back on track by enrolling major U.S.

players and Spain’s biggest stars in Hollywood.Tms is teaming with Disney Plus Latin America on what it describes as an ambitious, music-laced romantic thriller set against a Caribbean background.

Its shoot was postponed because of Covid-19.Meanwhile, David Simon, creator of “The Wire,” is writing drama “A Dry Run,” a series set up at Tms that follows Abraham Lincoln Battalion members who come to Spain to fight fascism during the Spanish Civil War.Headlined by Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas, drama comedy “Official Competition” has resumed filming in Madrid; a second Tms movie, labor relations-themed “The Good Boss,

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