The Mediapro Studio, Movistar Plus Drill Down on Upcoming Series ‘Paraíso’

Movistar Plus has joined The Mediapro Studio to produce “Paraíso” (Paradise), an original series destined for Movistar Plus’ digital platform.The companies previously joined forces on “Nasdrovia,” another upcoming Movistar Plus’ original.

Laura Fernández Espeso, The Mediapro Studio corporate, told Variety: “Working together was easy because when the content is clear and the platform is on board, everything moves smoothly.”Fran Araujo, head of content for Movistar Plus, added, “I believe in the talent The Mediapro Studio is working with, and Movistar’s key objective is to create impactful productions working with strong creators.”“Paraíso” targets a young audience and features an equally young cast.

The story is set in the ‘90s down on the Spanish coast, thus appealing to older audiences as well through nostalgia for their own youth.Director Fernando González Molina, producer and scriptwriter Ruth Garcia and David Oliva head the project.Its story revolves around a

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